When it comes to the Internet, easier name and easier access wins. Directory information web-sites such as ChemicalWorld.com, ChemicalRetail.com and ChemicalWholesale.com are going to be the ultimate start points for chemical buyers for search.  
ChemicalWorld is planed to be the ultimate source of product and market information for the world's chemical industry.

Our Database will keep basic information as well as links to company's web-sites, so more information is always accessible.

Main Categories are chemicals and chemical equipment.

Sub Categories are Manufacturers and Distributors.

Further classification based on the plant location and distribution range (Local, Nationwide, Worldwide) are planed.

There are limited space for permanent Banner Ads in each category that will be distributed up on a First Come First serve basis. To order your link or Banner Ad, send e-mail to sales@chemicalworld.com.

Current Prices are as follows:

 Business Name List/ Link in each sub category  US $250/year*
 Banner Ad in each sub category  US $35/month per square inch*

Current Sub Categories are:

  • Chemical Manufacturers
  • Chemical Distributors
  • Chemical Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers
  • Chemical Machinery and Equipment Distributors.

While the number of advertisers are limited, all links and banner ads will appear on the main page. More categories and sections may be added in future. * subject to change

To order a link send e-mail to: sales@ChemicalWorld.com